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Environmental Roofing Services Limited (ERS Ltd) is a specialist working at heights contractor for the commercial and residential roofing sectors.  As one of the most dominant features of a building, selection of its covering requires careful consideration during the planning of a new or replacement roof.

ERS Ltd will assist by providing proven advice, roof covering options and case studies to help you select the materials for your commercial or domestic roofing project within a given budget.

Three sample coverings are described below however we install many other types of roof coverings such as concrete tile, slate and EPDM rubberised systems.

Steel Profiled Metal Cladding Coverings

ERS Ltd brings over 30 years of roofing experience to the installation of steel profiled cladding sheets on commercial properties.  Steel profiled cladding offers a strong, lightweight, long lasting, and a relatively straight forward solution which looks professional and comes with manufacturers guarantees of up to 30 years.

ERS Ltd fits the standard range of colours which are selected to blend into the surroundings with many more colours of metal cladding sheets available. In terms of design, with over 300 box profile and corrugated patterns available, there is plenty of variety to choose from across our wide range of suppliers.

Environmental Roofing Services Limited

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Cold-Applied Waterproofing Membranes

Suitable for refurbishment and newbuild projects, ERS Ltd roofing technicians are equipped to fit UK and BBA certified cold-applied waterproofing membranes across flat roofs, pitched roofs and as a waterproofing coating to Built-Up Roof systems.  Our suppliers provide liquid products with unique characteristics: unlike conventional polyurethane systems, cold-applied products use atmospheric moisture to trigger the curing process meaning the roof covering becomes resistant to rain damage and may be applied in relatively poor weather conditions without any subsequent loss of performance or durability.

Proteus Pro-Felt Applications

Proteus Pro-Felt® is a range of high-performance bituminous felt products, with an exceptionally high SBS content making them highly flexible and durable and has been designed to perform at extreme temperatures at high altitudes. The Proteus Pro-Felt® Range uses advanced self-adhesive and low melt bitumen technologies which ensure the products benefit from a fast and efficient installation both in refurbishment and new build situations.  ERS Ltd installers are approved to and very experienced in installing Proteus felt products.  These products have a wide range of uses.  Further details on Proteus products can be provided by our installation team or can be found here.

Future-proofing your Roof

Roofing and Renewables Solutions for Industry

All ERS Ltd roofing solutions are turnkey projects with no hidden costs.

This means the agreed project costs include all site setup, materials, labour, fitting, finishing and commissioning.