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Having the ability to store the energy that your business or home generates and use it later is a perfect fit for any property.  This is especially pertinent to those users that use most of their power during the evenings after work or night shifts.

Battery storage, or solar batteries, allow electricity to be stored for use later.  Many businesses and homes have solar photovoltaic panels which generate electricity during the daytime. By adding storage to the system, this will reduce a property’s energy bills by using what is generated during the day later.  Adding a battery to your solar system will not affect the existing feed-in-tariff or Smart Export Guarantee payments being received.

We at Environmental Roofing Services can assist in matching the right battery storage solution to your property and solar installation.  All of the below permutations are calculated prior to selecting a storage system for your business or home.

Usable Capacity – This is amount of energy a battery can store (slightly less than its total capacity) and should never fully discharge to prevent damage to its cells. We assist all our clients with selection of the right usable capacity in batteries for their solar system.

Charge and Discharge Power – This should be checked to match the solar system that is installed.  Having too little storage may see too much energy being exported to the grid.

Comparison of available storage – There are many storage solutions available.  Checking the costs of each in price per kilowatt is the best way to compare solutions.  We do this on our customers behalf in order to present the best overall solution.

Number of ‘Cycles’ – The number of cycles refers to the number of times a battery can be completely discharged and charged whilst within its warranty period. This allows us to select a battery based on the number of kilowatts the battery will deliver over the course of its warranty period. 

Backup batteries – These batteries provided a capability to backup during any power cut or loss of electricity.  If this is a requirement of our clients, we assist in the selection of the equipment to suit their needs.

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Solar monitoring systems provide real-time information about the various aspects of a solar systems operation including hardware settings, efficiency, and long-term usage statistics. A selection of useful tools usually found in an associated app (android, IOS and web apps) can easily measure your solar production and power consumption in pounds. Over time, remote monitoring can identify the different power uses of individual devices in a property and match them against its internal database.  Remote monitoring apps often allow you to name and categorise your devices, allowing you to have greater control of how energy is used in your property or business.

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