Design-Led Renewable Energy Projects

Bespoke Advice and Planning from Specialists in Solar Photovoltaic Systems

We provide cost-effective, well-designed, solar photovoltaic installations for any domestic residence.  Solar power can help homeowners achieve considerable monthly savings, is having a positive effect on climate change and it is the easiest renewable energy source to implement.

Our team will visit you upon request, talk through the options for your home and discuss not only the costs but will provide you with information on your projected savings over the next 25 years.

Installations will typically take one to three days and incorporate preparing your home to safely install the solar system, installation of your system, connection to the grid and all associated electrical works. This is conducted safely whilst you are still living in your home.

There are no hidden costs either; you will be given a quotation for the entire project including all site setup and installation costs.

Roofing and Renewables

Solutions for your Home

To provide extra peace of mind, ERS Ltd will provide you with a signed two-year craftmanship warranty, something our competitors often cannot provide. Alongside your inverter, battery and solar panel guarantees, you are ready to generate your own electricity!

Let Solar technology pay for your roof! We are referred to new custom by many of our former clients because our staff are all qualified roofers first and solar installers second.  This removes any doubts arising from potential damage to roofing caused by improper practices by solar teams.  We have a plethora of former clients who have allowed the savings made from solar electricity generation to pay for their roofing projects.  With complete ROI achieved normally between years 9 and 12, renewables can pay for a combined roofing and renewables project!

Thinking of Tomorrow

Eco-Friendly Roofing and Solar PV Systems

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